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IBN Lokmat | Internet Banking

Recording of my IBN-Lokmat program is now available at

Autograph collector …

Here is a write-up by Kaustubh Sathe, which I am copy-pasting from his email, since it is a very interesting and painstaking work by him:

Generally we come across exhibitons of Craft, Paintings, Rangoli etc. But how about something like “Autographs Exhibition”? Has any one heard about it?
I dont think so, as this is a rare thing in the city.

Just as a hobby I have collected around 1400+ autographs from last 10 years. My tremendous efforts and most importantly good amount of dedication behind collecting those many autographs. I would like to share large number of experiances throughout my journey.

The collection is about signs of various personalities with my photos with many of them. I have sort out the collection in different groups like Cricketers, Indian classical maestros, Marathi Artist, Writers, Bollywood stars, Politicians, Singers and Musicians etc.

Here are some of the top names under my collection :-
Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara, Ricky Ponting, Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev, Wasim Akram, Creig Chappel, Jonty Rhodes, Murlidharan, Anjali Bhagwat, Dhanajraj Pillay, GM Koneru Humpy, Harsha Bhogle, Vinda Karandikar, Kavi Grace, Mangesh Padgaonkar, VaPu Kale, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosale, Pt. Hridaynath Mangeshkar, Hariharan, Shrinivas Khale, Jagjeet Singh, Zakir Hussain, Pt. Shivkumar Sharma, Pt. Ravishankar, Pt. Bhimsen Joshi, Babasaheb Purandare, Raj Thackrey, Vilasrao Deshmukh, Pramod Mahajan, Sharad Pawar, Jayant Narlikar, Neelu Phule, Reema, Ashok saraf, Shabana Azmi, Javed Akthar, Dev Anand, Saif Ali Khan, Mahesh Manjarekar, Ashutosh Gowarikar, Guljar, O.P. Nayyar and many others. This list is just endless.

Exhibition Details :

Date - Saturday 23rd May 2009
Time - 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Venue - Tilak Smarak ( Basement Hall ). Pune
Inauguration at 5 p.m. by Rohit Tilak and Software Professional Atul Kahate.

Please try to come along with your friends, family and witness an unseen experience, I assure you will enjoy it and never regret your presence.

Program on IBN Lokmat

I answered viewers’ questions related to the Internet in this TV show on IBN Lokmat TV channel on 28 April 2009.

Computer Society of India (CSI) Award

Computer Society of India (CSI) has kindly decided to give me an award for outstanding contributions to IT Education and Literacy. The award would be presented in the third week of April 2009. I am grateful to CSI and to all concerned.
Pudhari, Lokmat and Loksatta

Bill Frindall dies

Bill Frindall was considered the greatest cricket scorer and statistician of all times. For people who are interested in cricket facts, statistics and trivia, he has been the one to provide all kinds of information about the past and the present. I myself have had a chance to meet with him when he was in Mumbai way back in 1991-92 I think. I distinctly remember him bringing a copy of his prized book on cricket scoring for me and still have a photograph with him.
Frindall was 69, and he truly revolutionalized the concept of cricket scoring, beyond doubt. He was the final word for cricket statisticians all over the world. He developed his own cricket scoring system, which was very simple but effective.
Frindall was the scorer and statistician for the BBC for several decades. His tenacity and aim for accuracy must be praised, and he would be dearly missed by one and all.
It was only a year back that he came out with his interesting autobiography. Famous for his knowledge of the history and cricket statistics, not many would know that Frindall was a great observer of things and could easily mimic a lot of people, especially his colleagues such as Brian Johnston, John Arlott, Dom Mosey, Christopher Martin-Jenkins, and so on.
My own life has had a significant impact by way of knowing and interacting with Frindall, apart from using his astonishing books on cricket statistics since childhood. I am grateful for his help, and join his family, friends, and the entire cricket fraternity in the condolences for this great loss!

`किमयागार`ला आणखी एक पुरस्कार!

अच्युत गोडबोलेंच्या `किमयागार` या अद्भुत पुस्तकाला महाराष्ट्र राज्य शासनाचा विज्ञानविषयातलं सर्वोत्तम पुस्तक म्हणून पुरस्कार मिळाला आहे. अतिशय सुरेख मांडणी, खच्चून भरलेली माहिती, आणि चित्तथरारक आणि रंजक वर्णनं यांनी नटलेला हा मराठी ग्रंथ अवर्णनीय आहे! ज्या मराठी वाचकांनी अजून तो वाचलेला नसेल तो जरुर वाचावा, आणि विज्ञानातलं आम्हाला काही कळत नाही किंवा ते अगदी कंटाळवाणं असतं असं म्हणत म्हणत अवैज्ञानिक बनलेल्या आपल्यापैकी अनेकांनी त्यातून प्रेरणा घ्यावी असाच तो आहे. अतिशय किचकट गोष्टीही किती रंजकपणे मांडता येतात आणि त्याही कुठलाही बडेजाव किंवा गंभीरतेचा बुरखा न घालता; याचं हे एक मुर्तिमंत उदाहरण आहे.
मराठी भाषेचं काही खरं नाही, मराठी वाचक कुठे आहे वगैरे आरडाओरडा सतत होत असतो. त्यात मूर्खासारखे होणारे मराठी-अमराठी वादही आपल्याला नवीन नाहीत. लोकांना त्याविषयी उपदेश करुन स्वतः मात्र अमराठी वागणं बदलायचं नाही असेही अनेक लोक आपल्याला माहिती असतात. मराठीच काय पण सगळ्याच प्रादेशिक भाषांच्या बाबतीत हे सतत घडत असतं. त्यावर उपाय हा वादविवाद घालत बसणं, हिंसा करणं, दादागिरी करणं हा नसून अतिशय ओघवत्या शैलीत आपल्या भाषेचं संवर्धन करत राहणं हा मात्र नक्कीच असू शकतो!
`किमयागार` हे याच यशाचं प्रतीक आहे. मूळ मराठीत लिहिलेला पण अनेक भाषांमध्ये अनुवादित व्हावा असा हा मोहात पाडणारा, खिळवून ठेवणारा ग्रंथ! त्याविषयी किती आणि काय बोलायचं?!

Meeting with Dr Bebo White

PS: Update on the below post. This interview with Prof Bebo White can now be read online.

Dr Bebo White is a respected name in the Web community. He has contributed to several research programs pertaining to the Web, was a professor at Stanford, has worked at CERN with none other than Tim Berners-Lee himself, and now tries to make the Internet more and more usable for people and easier for programmers. He was in Pune for a day at Symbiosis, and thanks to Harshad Gune sir; I had an opportunity to meet with Dr White.
It was an immensely satisfying discussion with him about a variety of topics, ranging from Web 2.0 to Internet security. I plan to publish this in the form of a small interview in a relevant publication.
He liked my book titled “Cryptography and Network Security”, and was saying that it seems to be quite easy to understand compared to most other books he has seen on the subject! That was quite a comment from someone as respected as Dr White!
Last but not the least, he was quite amused to know that an Indian (Prof Abhay Bhushan) had done the groundwork for the very popular FTP and TELNET protocols. Dr White has worked on the fascinating “Web History” project, and it was wonderful exchanging notes on the subject with him. He was also quite excited to know that I was myself writing a book in Marathi on the subject. I hope to get a foreword from him for it :-) !

Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, Bharat Ratna, and Raj Thackeray

At last, there is an official stamp on what millions like me believe - Pandit Bhimsen Joshi is among the greatest classical singers we would ever hope to see. I have been lucky enough to attend one of his programs long long back, in my childhood. But I can still remember getting a feeling that he was a tiger on stage - what poise, what confidence, and what grace (is there any need to speak about his voice - are we even qualified to say anything about it?)! Years later - in 2006 - I think, I had the privilege to visit “Kalashree” - his residence in Pune. He was very sick - stuck to a chair, and I almost had tears in my eyes because of a mixed feeling - of course happiness that I had seen a legend from a foot’s distance, and secondly because I had seen a once-upon-a-time-roaring tiger in a very ailing condition. Surprise surprise, he suddenly came out of his chair about a year and half later in “Sawai Gandharva” festival and sang with such zeal that youngsters would admire in awe! It was a breathtaking moment indeed, and “Sakal” had posted the audio-video on their site for those who could not be there in person.
While an award like “Bharat Ratna” - the greatest of them all as far as India is concerned just proves the point that he is perhaps the greatest, even without it, he has occupied such irreplaceable space in our hearts and souls that it is simply unmatched.
What has Raj Thackeray to do with this? With all the regrettable events in the recent past and for all the disgusting things his party has done, it was wonderful to read that they cleaned the area near Bhimsenji’s home early morning, decorated it, and created a festive mood to celebrate “Bharat Ratna”. This was so positive, appreciable, and thoughtful! Thanks, MNS, for a change!

Teacher’s day Poem

Ebenezer A. Laryea, a wonderful student from Symbiosis sent me a modified poem (originally written by Joanna Fuchs), which I am reproducing below. While I do not at all wish to claim that I believe all that is written applies to me at all, I think the poem is really so beautiful that I cannot resist quoting it below:

If I Could Teach You, Teacher
If I could teach you, Sir Kahate,
I’d teach you how much more
you have accomplished
than you think you have.
I’d show you the seeds
you planted years ago
that are now coming into bloom.
I’d reveal to you the young minds
that have expanded under your care,
the hearts that are serving others
because they had you as a role model.
If I could teach you, teacher,
I’d show you the positive effect
you have had on me and my life.
Your homework is
to know your value to the world,
to acknowledge it, to believe it.
Thank you, Sir.

By Joanna Fuchs

modified by Ebenezer Laryea

Book on IT Careers

Many readers have been pointing out at the lack of books in Marathi, pertaining to IT careers, opprtunities, and so on. More importantly, the parents are not quite clear about all this, and feel at complete loss when their children say that they want to get into IT.

With this background, Mr Vivek Velankar, Dr Shreeram Geet, and self have come up with a 120-page book on the subject in Marathi, to be published by “Rajhans”. It features a foreword by Mr Deepak Ghaisas, Vice President and Director, i-flex solutions limited.

The book should be available in two weeks time.

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